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SPOON @pmonetta

An exotic culinary voyage

The restaurant

Listen to the echo of the world. Feel the vibe of the city.

The dining room: a place for encounters

Meeting tastes, meeting others: the space is designed to stimulate all sharing. The Wilmotte & Associés agency signs the interior design. The space is warm and intimate. In the centre, a large U-shaped bar where the steam and raw dishes are prepared. Around, under the high vaults, the tables (including a beautiful oak table d’hôtes) and two lounges.

The lights are dimmed and the colours soft: beige and sienna benches, sea foams coloured walls. They are enhanced by the copper colour of the bar and the coloured velvet of the chairs. Musical instruments are exhibited in the room: Thai gong, Burmese bell, African sanzas, Aboriginal didgeridoo… The vast world is definitely whispering in the ear of the eater.

Plats SPOON @pmonetta
Salle du Restaurant & Bar Spoon
Spoon Palais Brongniart
Table du Chef Spoon Restaurant
Spoon Restaurant & Bar

The address: The Palais Brongniart

The Palais Brongniart was not chosen by chance to house Spoon. When, in 1807, Napoleon decided to build it to install the Stock Exchange, it became the emblem of the opening of France onto the world. For several years now, this large, still boat has embarked on a new journey by welcoming start-up incubators and students preparing for careers in the Internet: another way of opening up to the world.

Spoon Restaurant & Bar
L'équipe Restaurant Spoon

The team

In the kitchen, Chef Hisanobu Shigeta offers colourful and flavoured cuisine, recipes full of character and audacity. “I love to eat. I love to travel. I love to discover”: the ideal man to get you aboard the Spice Route.

In the dining room, Bruno Khemouche welcomes and guides you. “As we offer a truly atypical cuisine, our menu triggers a lot of questions. I love answering them and explaining to our guests what they can expect! “.

Chef Restaurant Spoon Hisanobu Shigeta
SPOON @pmonetta
Plats SPOON @pmonetta
Chef Restaurant Spoon
Epices Spoon
Plats Spoon (c)PierreMonetta

Recipes from India, Qatar, Iran, Syria or Egypt to discover black lemon, tarator, azifa or kudam puli. Hurry up, embark on the spice route!